WordPress Helpdesk And Support

Helpdesk plugins in WordPress allow you to provide centralized and regular support to your customers. Thus, they directly help boost your engagement with your users and fosters conversion. At present, there are plenty of WordPress helpdesk plugins available in the market. But people often choose the wrong one and cannot reap their benefits. It’s time to stop making this mistake. This post lists some of the robust and most affordable WordPress support plugins that you can easily use.

1. WSDesk

This plugin allows you to add an entire customer support system to WordPress. To get started, you just have to install and use the setup wizard. With regards to tickets, there’s no limit on how many your customers can submit. The plugin stores your data on your site so that you can be in control of both your customer and support data.

It also provides built-in options, like automatic email notifications, ticket close after inactivity, and the like, to make support easier. You can also use IMAP for automated ticket creation from unread emails.

2. WooCommerce Helpdesk, Live Chat, and CRM Plugin

This WordPress helpdesk plugin combines the advanced customer management tools of Richpanel and analytics with the common WooCommerce extensions. All you need is to create a Richpanel account for using the plugin. The cost of the Richpanel account starts at $50 a month.

Richpanel will help you to easily manage the support requests, customer requirements, and sales analytics. You can also view the purchase behaviour of your customer as the software builds customer profiles. It enables the users to determine the needs of their buyers.

3. Knowledge Base and Helpdesk Plugin

Do you want to cut down on the long hours you spend on customer support? Well, then this WordPress support plugin is for you. It will help you generate a knowledge base, self-service customer support centers, wiki, product documentation, and comprehensive FAQs. The plugin is easily configurable and greatly helps save the time of its users on customer support tasks.

4. KB Support

This plugin has a user-friendly interface. Using it, you can form and customize numerous ticket submission forms. The Email Support extension will help you to benefit from the ticket management system through email. Your buyers can submit the ticket having an issue and manage it without the need of having an account on your web page.

Agents can also build private ticket notes and delineate their status. You can also create Knowledge Base articles and transfer them to your customers as a solution to their queries. It also has various useful extensions like Zapier, a tool that allows you to automate workflows by incorporating your most-used apps, like Slack or Mailchimp.

Summing up

WordPress helpdesk plugins provide your customers with the opportunity to contact you and receive support when they have stuck anywhere on your site. The plugins also make it effortless to create, manage, and monitor support tickets. Thus, the immensely enhance user experience, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Ref Link: https://support516895755.wordpress.com/2021/08/10/wordpress-helpdesk-and-support/

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