How to get the best WordPress Page builder? Know the key tips

WordPress pages are the standard built-in where you can post content to your WordPress blog. However, the ability to use pages was not an option until WordPress 1.5 in 2005. Previously, WordPress primarily functioned as a blogging tool that only allowed users to post and post. Over time, users developed the need for different types of posts that will enable them to distinguish dynamic blog posts from static pages that rarely change.

This blog will assist in creating pages to upload content that does not need to be updated regularly and use WordPress pages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get the best WordPress page builder and hence build the page accordingly.

How to get the best WordPress page builder?

Creating WordPress pages is almost the same as creating posts. However, when posting, the best WordPress page builder allows you to choose categories and tags, whereas pages do not. You can reorder pages with a reorder number, but posts don’t have that option.

Follow these guidelines to create a WordPress site:

· Log into your dashboard administrator with your login details (username and password) to create a WordPress site.

· Move the cursor over the “Pages” menu item in the navigation menu on the left side of the board. Click on “Add New.”

· Click on the Pages menu item.

· You will be redirected to the WordPress page editor. If you are using an updated version of WordPress (WordPress 5.0 and higher), you will see Block / Gutenberg Editor.

WordPress Block or Gutenberg Editor

However, if you use the older version of WordPress (WordPress 4.9 or lower) or a plugin that allows you to use the senior classic editor, you will see this.

WordPress Classic Editor

Adding a title to WordPress pages

In the Block / Gutenberg editor, you will find a large white field in the middle of your page labeled “Add Title.” Define a unique title for your page here, e.g Eg B. About us, Write to the Privacy Policy or us.

Adding a title in the Gutenberg editor

Using the classic editor, you will find “Add new page” at the top, followed by the text “Enter title here.” Enter your page title in this title field.

Add a title in the classic editor

Create the content

After adding the title, create content for the page. So you can do this in both the classic editor and the Block / Gutenberg editor.

Create content with the classic editor

Start entering text in the text area. You can change the type of text. By default, it is set as a paragraph type. To change the type of text, click on the drop-down arrow (see image below), and you will see different types of text as headings (H1H6). Choose the type you want.

Change text type

Next to this drop-down menu, you will find a toolbar for formatting the text. Here you can change the style of the text (bold or italic), add a list (numbered or bulleted), add a citation, align the text (left, right, and centered), insert a link, and a Read more tag.

Text Formatting Toolbar

Click the last icon on the formatting toolbar to change the text color, undo the previous action, and other options.

Toggle Formatting Toolbar

Click the Add Media button to add audio, images, or videos to your WordPress site. A new window will appear; choose files from your existing media library.

Add multimedia.gif file

Upload files through the “Upload files” section. Drag and drop files or upload files using the “Select Files” button.

Upload multimedia files from computer

Final Words

Now that you have got a clear idea about the best WordPress page builder and how to build the page, use the steps and get the page effectively built. In case you find difficulty in getting the best WordPress page builder, choose the best service provider. They will assist effectively in building the page and getting other works done with ease.

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